[Lyric] Taeyeon – Hush Hush


I Never Needed You To Be Strong
I Never Needed To For Pointing Out My Wrongs
I Never Needed Pain I Never Needed Strain
My Love For You Was Strong Enough
You Should Have Known Continue reading


SNSD Quotes

1. ”We made a comeback within 9 months…and for 9 weeks, the 9 members received 9 trophies.”

2. ”I’m crying because I’m touched by my members who always try to look out for me.” – Stephanie Hwang(Strong Heart Ep.5, 2009)

3. ”Although she departed from me first, she left me with eight sisters. So I want to thank both my mom and God..” – Stephanie Hwang (KJE’s Chocolate, 16th Aug 2009) Continue reading

Read This S♥NE :’)

My language is not good, but I know how to write”SNSD”

My math is not good, but I know what “9” mean .

My English is not good, but I know the way to write”Girls Generation”

My history is not good, but I know what happen on 5th August 2007

My geography is not good, but I can found Seoul, Korea when I hold a world map Continue reading